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Entry #2

Yoshi's Flower

2008-10-10 20:13:51 by dark-fusion1

Discuss your opinions on it here.


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2008-10-14 21:32:16

I refuse!

(Updated ) dark-fusion1 responds:

Well... alright. You do that.


2008-10-15 15:50:54

fuck off man in the big ass vag, brennan these guys that im about to list are complete assholes and will vote 0's on you continuesly.

Skuk,manintheovercoat,look-a-forest,m ilkymoon.

there fucking morons...


2008-10-16 12:29:13

i love the part where he farts fire


2008-10-31 21:40:35

wow vg i see your still as emo as ever im looking forward to your next hate filled comment after your done playing the violin with your wrist.


2009-05-25 01:22:14

Can't even be considered a flash animation
Put it in the toilet where it belongs


2011-06-16 06:15:10

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