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Poison Mushrooms

2007-08-15 23:22:29 by dark-fusion1

EDIT: Screw the whole idea; going solo isn't as fun as being in VG-MP, so I'm staying.


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2007-08-16 00:06:25



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2008-06-09 16:47:57

if your the one whos been wrirng the author comments to the loz future you really need to learn how to take some criticism no mmatter how good your work is there is always going to be someone who doesnt like it stop being a baby and learn how to take a flame it happens get over it and im not trying to be an asshole im just saying its not worth you pitching a bitch everytime someone doesnt like your work

dark-fusion1 responds:

But I'm not, I know how to take criticism, and Dylan has matured in the past four years (I think).


2008-06-15 14:11:25

wow lord of dark flames ur retarded.....


2008-07-06 01:03:35

how is tht because im criticizing you did i hurt the poor baby feeling with my nasty words, oh no now youve made me feel bad, lol freaking loser i should have given your work a lower score if this is how you treat your reviewers


2008-07-18 22:55:25

nah ur a just a fucking loser, who doesnt really know anything, i can take critisism perfectly fine, but on that one perticular piece i made i was pissed, not because of the reviews but because of this douche named chrono355 keeps voting 0's


2008-07-25 16:09:54

hey dont be mad at me just because people dont like your work so take your bottle and go get comforted by your mommy because youve been insulting everyone who had anything negative to say about your piece so yeah take a chil pill


2008-07-31 15:49:21

hey u dirty piece of shit, u just cant shut ur ucking little mouth? do i have to come find u and staple it shut??? yeah thats what i though, go burn and die in a hole!


2008-10-02 15:57:58

lordofdarkflames, you made me lol. Thanks.


2008-10-05 01:06:53

lol own own own own owwwwwnnn!

yeah MGA refrence!


2008-10-14 21:35:24

Wow Lordofdarkflames, what a dick you are, I mean commenting negatively, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? YOU CAN'T DO THIS! DID TERVOR DIE FOR THIS? He did? NO HE DIDN'T!! NICE TRY TRY TRY TRYING TO TRICK ME. I'm afraid things are going to hell for you. You? Whom?